Admin CLI and admind

I just added admind and the kebe-admin (as it would be rendered on an actual build).

It basically does everything the Auth, Rust and gRPC post describe it just doesn’t do it with Rust or gRPC. :slight_smile:

But it does the browser open, callback, login oauth2 magic. These credentials/accounts live outside the store’s management so as long as you have one of those setup in Keycloak(really any oauth2 provider would be easy to support) you can create the initial “store” account and add more later.

As long as the emails match they’ll be “linked” together.

I’m also trying to resist the temptation to work on this in complete isolation until I have everything “just so”.

Seeing as how it’s my first major attempt at doing anything of consequence in open source I really want to spend a lot of time perfecting but I am at least rationalizing that it’s better to get code out there at the moment than it is to try and perfect it. I think even if it remains a one-person show AND I don’t spend any time perfecting it or making it better than the initial draft the universe will still die before I finish!

But with this piece done (or rather, started and the ability to add an account and start managing the store from “outside” the store as needed with kebe-admin and admind) I can get back to working on the actual store parts.

We should be coming along pretty close now to where I want to be with the minimal functionality supported.

Then it will be time to:

  • document
  • test
  • lint
  • test
  • document

All the fun stuff still left! :smile_cat: