Built Ubuntu Core 18 image, logged in

This is incredibly satisfying after many, many months of work and reverse-engineering, etc (reading source and reviewing tests mostly) I am able to build an Ubuntu Core 18 based image, boot it and log into it with a user that has an SSH key store in the store (kebe base store that is).

ALL of that without involving the Canonical Snap Store at all (donor snaps not withstanding that are being patched at the moment for URLs, trusted assertions, etc).

Also, most importantly is that it’s almost all in code. I quickly added the SSH public key for the user to the database by hand for this test so that needs to be added as code but that end point to do the GET (/api/v2/keys/:email) is there which console_conf uses indirectly through snap which goes through snapd when you do that login.

I posed the question here and then answered it myself. :slight_smile:

I was previously able to come very close to this milestone (a couple of months ago) but I had to abandon logging in like this and instead used a system user assertion that I made.

With this accomplishment I have the broad scaffolding for what will make Release Edge 1. If there were a 1000 steps toward that then I probably just took step #2. Some people go to space; I just code. Congratulations to us both Blue Origin :slight_smile:


As impressive as this ?might? be this project will really be nothing without more contributors. Come play!