Getting CI in the mix

I did not have a lot of time to work on the project tonight (life!) but I did push the CI ball along some more.

My ultimate goal is to have a Gitea instance with Drone CI. I am using Github at the moment as a very short-term solution but fully intend to leave in the near-ish future.

I’ve also wanted stand-alone CI for a while and have until recently leaned on Gitlab for that. But an entire Gitlab instance for CI is a little ridiculous even though I think it’s a decent solution. It’s unfortunate that with Gitlab it’s all or nothing.

Except, if you are an Enterprise customer you can do CI for external repos and if you are open source you can get a license, etc. and I started down that path but you have to renew every year and I just don’t really want to invest my personal time and intellectual capital (of which there is increasingly little ;)) into what are essentially proprietary and closed solutions.

So anyway, this is a Drone CI build with an exec pipeline and a docker pipeline “building” snapcraft, pushing it to the store and store the artifacts in S3. It also has to cache the output between the pipelines in S3. That part just uses Minio’s mc client. There is a degree of integration and seamlessness that you miss out on with this solution but short-term what I have going will work for this and other projects.