Infra Day - A day full of infra

It felt like I moved a lot of boxes around today but didn’t get much accomplished. That’s not entirely true but perhaps not as much “new” code written as I would have liked.

I did however stand-up Drone CI and connect it to my local Gitea instance to make my life easier.

I moved my store “non-dev” instance to a more permanent (as much as anything in my environment is ever permanent) location. In doing so I eschewed Kubernetes for now in lieu of Docker + Traefik. I have more experience with that combo and for now it decreases some of the complexity.

Setting it all up again, though, is important because it allows me to validate assumptions each time about how it will all work. The newly minted admind played its part by allowing me to add the initial store account that is tied to my Keycloak user.

I need to add a CI account so that I can have Drone CI easily push to the store as well.

Beautifully minted Drone CI pushing a snap to the store:

Side note: Drone CI where have you been all my life??

** - ok I’ve known about it but either it’s gotten a lot better or I didn’t give it enough credit