Moved, recreated store

I had my Minio, postgres and other associated backend stuff on a machine I wanted to move it off of for the time being so I created it all in a VM.

I took the opportunity to extract more values out of the deployment templates. I should land those changes to kebe-helm tomorrow.

I’ve also rebased my snapd build on 2.51. I was able to use my previous keys and my store regenerate-assertions command to use the existing keys it finds.

I was able to install hello-world pretty easily. htop would start the install but fail on core20. If I manually install core20 then htop has no problems. Will need to investigate that.

This was all using unmodified snapcraft to re-register the snaps in my name, then upload them and then release them to the channels.

The core snaps require a manual flip from app type to base type at the moment.

The initial user account still needs to be manually created and match what’s in Keycloak. Keycloak as of now remains outside the Helm set-up as I had a previous instance I used for that purpose. I may or may not add that to the Helm deployment. It’s also possible we could support a “basic auth” setup sort of like Candid does.

I had a number of sha3-384 issues I’ve had to sort out. It seems both base64 encoded and non-base64 encoded versions are used in various places. The code in general in a lot of places is pretty terribly, but it’s working well and the goal is to get to that place and then refine, refine and test.

All in all, looking back over the months, there were many, many times I did not think I would get here.

I can almost smile. :smile_cat:

I’m also really keen to work on some Ubuntu Core support for the store and it should flow pretty easily now. As I’ve done before just in a new code base! Once you can host the patched snapd then your image building can pull that. Very exciting! :slight_smile: