Smoothing out, trying not to get distracted

There are so many problems to solve at any given moment that it’s hard not to get distracted. I spent the evening twirling some infrastructure mops but I was also able to smooth out the process of initializing and destroying the store.

I took key creation out of the initialization process assuming someone would have their own keys generated outside of the initialization process. I may add it back in later but I tend to just keep reusing the set I generated so far.

I also created an initialization config so that we could pull as much data out of the code as possible.

But it’s all pretty smooth once you have the infra part setup (mainly just S3 and Postgres still) you just:

  1. create an .env
  2. run the migrations
  3. create a init-config json
  4. run store initialize
  5. run kebe-admin account add -username user --account-id user --display-name user --email (email to match in your SSO/openid provider)

And you’re off the the races. I’ve been installing snaps no problem but there are still a few bugs in that process: like core18 won’t install as a dependency when installing a snap but you can install it separately and then install the other snap and it’s all fine.

And then of course tons of unimplemented functionality and other bugs.

I will probably work on the install problem tomorrow and then I will probably take a break to get a couple of things done:

  1. go fmt and friends
  2. docker-compose files for how I’m currently running with some instructions
  3. I’ve really been wanting to add some tests with spread so I might spend some time on that
  4. I keep eyeing a Vuejs frontend so I might start down that path too depending on time